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curvygirls's Journal

celebrating all body shapes as they are!
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creating and encouraging body-love and acceptance! variety is beauty ♥
(maintained by jumpinglegacy; please comment here or email me (jumping*legacy*@*rocket*mail.*com , without asterisks) if you have any questions.

We are a moderated-membership community. Do not click the join link above; we have a different method of adding new members.

Click here to find out how to join.

We have gone mostly friends-only due to some inappropriate advances by lurkers. Most of our older entries are still public, but if you just friend the community without joining, you won't see many posts. Posts are moderated to make sure that they follow the rules and stay on-topic, but we check the queue daily, so it doesn't take very long for your post to appear.

curvygirls our tummies!

Our Purpose:
We are a body positive community, created to celebrate naturally curvy women. We are not here to put down those who are thicker than most, nor are we here to scoff at those who are naturally thin. We are here to encourage each other in the truth -- that most healthy women are naturally curvy. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and most of our shapes are curvy. Let's stop fighting our body type and revel in our natural curviness.

We firmly believe that there is no such thing as an ideal size -- curvy beauty can be a size 4, 14 or 24. Each person is different, and a healthy curvy weight is different for each person's unique structure. We are an ALL HEALTHY SIZES community -- delighted to include plus, minus, and middle sizes. ;-)

Let me emphasize that this is NOT a rating community. If anyone takes it upon themselves to tell another person that they are too thin or too thick (or any other negative thing), I will ban them on the first offense. Here, we are all beautiful, and if you think otherwise, either work to change the way you think, or leave.

If any post or comment in this community ever makes you uncomfortable, or if you ever need to ask a question of the maintainer, please comment here and let me know. Your comment will stay screened, and I will do my best to address whatever issue you may have.

We want to see:
---curvy-positive news stories, advertisements, etc.
---curvy-positive literature (with credit to the author).
---curvy-positive experiences -- yours or someone else's.
---artwork featuring curvy women.
---photos of beautiful curvy women; yourself, a celebrity, or a friend (if you have permission from that friend).

our current theme is: 'Calendar Girls'

There is NO SUCH THING as a 'body flaw.'
I don't believe in 'body flaws.' To believe in them, you have to believe in one single ideal body, and I emphatically do not! I know what I am supposed to look like -- I'm supposed to look like me! And since no one can look more like me than me, I'm as close to perfect as it gets.   I don't need to look like anyone else OR any other version of myself.  

I don't have flaws -- and neither do you. What we have are differences, and they are what make us beautiful, what make us unique, what make us who we are.

originally posted here by belenen


1. Anything that isn't curvy-positive is considered off-topic and must go behind a DESCRIPTIVE lj-cut. Be specific: write something like "off-topic: rant about sizism in the media" or "off-topic: books for building a healthy self-image." Off topic posts have to at least be related to healthy curviness OR self-positivity, and the entire post needs to be under the cut. (click here to learn how to make an lj-cut) Intro posts also must include something about healthy curviness or positivity, and must be completely under a cut. See this post for a more in-depth explanation.
2. No posting weight or measurements -- sizes are okay, but weight/measurement invites comparison, and comparison has no place here. This means NO pound numbers. (or kilos, etc.) And this especially includes weightloss/gain pound numbers, as they can be very triggering to those who are recovering from an ED. This also includes anything about BMI, which is an outdated and false measure of health. (additional articles)
3. No negative body talk -- non-curvy-positive posts must not describe your form in a negative way. It's okay for you to say 'I'm having trouble loving (body part),' but not to say, 'my (body part) is disgusting/gross/etc' or 'I hate this specific curve' or 'my (body part) is too ____' or 'I wish my (body part) looked more _____.' It is detrimental to your own body love and the body love of anyone who reads it for you to disparage yourself. This includes comments -- do not say 'I wish I had your (body part).' And of COURSE, never say anything even slightly negative about another woman's body, or about any body type.
4. Photoposts must be on-topic (focused on curves), must contain a majority of body shots, and must be non-sexual in nature. It's okay if you post a close-up of your face, but the focus of the post must be your body. (exceptions are intro posts -- we understand that you might not have any body shots yet) All posts are automatically locked, and you can unlock them UNLESS they contain a member photo. 'Erotic' type photos are not allowed (no matter how clothed or unclothed), because we want to keep the community a platonic celebration of beauty, not sexuality. There are many other communities for celebrating sexuality.
5. Photos larger than 400 pixels (and/or multiple photos) should go behind an lj-cut. Thumbnailed photos do not have to be lj-cut, but do have to be work-safe. (imageshack is a great host that thumbnails images for you)
6. Nude or semi-nude photos MUST be put behind an lj-cut that says 'age 18+ only for nudity' (whether partial or full nudity) and must stay friendslocked. You must be 18 or older to post nude photos, and if you are under 18 you must be at least as covered as you would be by a bikini. The "age 18+ only for nudity" warning is mandatory -- breaking this rule will get you banned. We'd hate to do it but we have to protect the community. On non-nude skin-showing photos like bathing suit shots, please add a NWS (not work safe) tag to your lj-cut. Nude paintings do not have to include the 18+ only in the lj-cut, and icons of nude paintings are allowed to be used in posting -- just not nude photographs.
7. No posting about diets or exercise or vanity weightloss (including weight-loss products). There are other communities for that, but here that's off-topic. We focus on loving ourselves exactly as we are. Health is wonderful, but losing/gaining weight for the sake of a look is not. Mentioning exercise is fine as long as it isn't for the purpose of losing weight or changing the look of your body.
8. No posting photos (or links to photos, or using icons) of unhealthy or 'enhanced' women. That means no photos of anorexic, surgery-enhanced, obese to the point where it seriously inhibits health and mobility, or otherwise 'unnatural' bodies. (this includes all mainstream porn actresses and most major film stars) We understand that those women can be beautiful too, but we're here to celebrate healthy, natural curviness.
9. No pro-eating disorder posts. Instant ban. Eating disorders, whether anorexia, bulimia, or overeating, are not healthy, and we do not want to encourage them. Stories of recovery, however, are very welcome.
10. No rating community ads. Other communities may contact me for permission to post an ad, and I'll probably give it, but if it's a rating community, forget it. (this includes just mentioning rating communities)
11. No sales posts. This also includes links to items for sale. There are many other communities for that, but here it's off-topic.

curvygirls are beautiful.
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Just got here? Introduce yourself! Here are our suggested questions:
(you can deviate however you want, as long as it's under an lj-cut!)

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buy a curvygirls shirt! -- the curvygirls cafepress shop! This is a non-profit shop because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to promote body love. Have ideas for a new design? comment them here!
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Other links you may be interested in:

Our sister community womenofthemoon -- a more support-oriented community, focused on discussing and recovering from any kind of body insecurity or eating disorder (created by our very own brightlotusmoon). Lifted from the userinfo: "This is a community geared toward helping women recover from eating disorders as well as body insecurities of any kind. Specifically, it is a community that focuses on the natural, spiritual side of healing the body, soul and mind. It is about reclaiming yourself as a woman who deserves everything you think you don't. It is about touching the goddess in you." They are also very body-positive, giving support for curvygirls who don't feel up to celebrating at the time.

ed_recovery: For the many people who have eating disorders; a safe space for those who want to try to leave eating disorder struggles behind.
violetglow: Looking for curvywoman icons? here you'll find curve-positive icons featuring classic art and curvy models.
m e m o r i e s -- the curvygirls memories, all member photo-posts & more. (no longer updated as we use tags now)
BMI is useless as an indicator of health: health cannot be measured by weight.
Shapely Prose -- anti-sizeist blog, fantastic reading!
judgement of paris -- a curvy-positive site, with photos of curvy plus-size models and essays and studies on the beauty of curves. (note: we do not approve of their attitude that ONLY plus size women are beautiful, but they do have worthwhile info and fantastic photos)
judgement of paris' link list -- plus size models, photographers, publications, graphics, essays.
editorial photo series -- glamour photo series featuring gorgeous curvy women.
beauty plus power -- style guide for women's clothing sizes 12 and up; very curvy-friendly.

If you are a naturally thin girl and want to celebrate your unique beauty, try our sister community naturallythin. They are a body positive community for women who are naturally more slender than most. They are a wonderful group.
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