celebrating all body shapes as they are!
Recently, my breasts changed from a 34DD to a 34E -- and changed greatly in shape. They now swoop down a bit -- and I like that. I think my breasts look more womanly and voluptuous that way.

Before we started this theme, I had no idea that it was a common thing for women to be insecure about their breasts leaning down. As I read woman after woman write about it, I started feeling insecure about my own breasts! And that is ridiculous!

Why? Because it is perfectly normal and natural for a woman's breasts to curve down! That is the way they are designed to be when fully matured -- it's far easier for them to perform thier function of feeding a baby that way. We have swallowed the lie that they are supposed to stay 'perky' (the immature teenager breast) forever! Downward-curving breasts are as womanly and natural as hips and belly and thighs and everything else! The only kind of breasts that stay 'perky' forever are silicone ones.

Like I read on the normal breasts website, we are used to seeing breasts in two ways -- lifted and rounded by a bra, under a shirt (the average woman you meet on the street), or in airbrushed, pumped-up photos (in the media). Do you know that first of all, they sometimes use clear tape to lift the breasts in the photoshoot? And then with airbrushing they make them rounder and fuller. That is NOT NORMAL. If they were really that round and full, they'd either lean down or they'd be made of silicone.

I say we LOVE our beautiful normal breasts and stop calling them 'saggy' -- that is such an ugly word. A lot of us are very voluptuous -- our breasts are going to lean down from the weight and that is normal and beautiful. We have learned to love our curvy bellies despite the media's lies that they should be flat -- let's do the same with our breasts!

say it with me:
I have luxuriously, gorgeously slanting breasts, and I am PROUD of them!
12th-Jan-2006 09:48 am - twin peaks [themes, twin peaks]
I'm a minor, thus no nudity.
Still, I don't know if it is work safe or not >> cleavage.

I think there is more face than boobs, but I"ll post anywayCollapse )

I haven't gotten a chance to take any pictures that would be theme worthy yet, but I figured I'd contribute with photos I already have on my camera.

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5th-Jan-2006 11:59 pm - twin peaks [photos, themes, twin peaks]
here is a picture of me, covered, and i think i finally figured out how to do the lj cut thing. nws!

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6th-Jan-2006 12:15 am - About the themes [sauvage1983, twin peaks]
potter puff mcgonagle
I want to say that I love, love, love this idea for a reason that's very near to my own heart. When I set out on the road to Ed recovery a couple years ago, I asked my therapist about where to find pictures of real women. I wanted to correct my own ideas about how women "should" look like.

The awesome thing about these body-themed pictures is seeing how many all natural women are completely beautiful, in all their shapes and sizes.

The current "twin peaks" theme reminds me especially of being a developing girl and wanting to know if my breasts were 'normal', because they of course didn't look like the ones you see peeks of on porn magazines.

I know there are many complicated issues with minors and nudity---even just seeing it, not being a part of it---but it makes me wish there were better resources to let girls know that they are as 'normal' as the next woman and totally beautiful.

This community continues to wow me :-D
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