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21st-Sep-2005 01:56 pm-------- [aredlife, nike ads]

Hi gals!  I saw some AWESOME Nike ads in "Jane" magazine today, I thought I would share them. By the way, you can also go to www.nikewomen.com



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This is what we've called for, begged for, starved for, needed, but never really had faith would come. This is the day. We are finally winning.

We have lamented that the demand of women as demonstrated in the marketing that causes them to buy is to see these objectified emaciated women portrayed as goddesses, so we could aspire to that. We have lamented that it is our own dollars that are killing us, that are keeping us oppressed. Sometimes we blamed the fashion industry. Sometimes we blamed movies and TV shows and magazines, but in the end, we knew we were doing it, that they were just selling us what we'd buy. They didn't fix it. We did.

The day finally came when we said that we would rather buy products sold to us by telling us that we are beautiful and strong and confident rather than by telling us that we have to starve ourselves to death in order to be. We said it with our dollars - and it worked. And now every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine, you see a different standard of beauty. You see women who look like you but who know exactly how phenomenal they are - and those subtle messages every day are changing the psyche of the American woman. You can complain about the capitalism and that we're still being exploited, but I don't believe any of that is really sad. I think we've finally stopped paying for our oppression. We worked through the system and we won. So, I, for one, am buying it.

My response to all of the controvery.
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