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I'm wondering what you think of the Campaign for Real Beauty (the Dove ads you see everywhere in magazines and stuff these days). One part of me wants to go "Yay, normal women!" and be happy for a company that finally decided to take a step in the right direction. And the ads really aren't cheesy or anything, and I loved how one of the models in one of the ads even had a little tattoo.

At the same time, I can't help thinking that it's still just for selling products, and I have this image of bony, Botoxed advertising directors thinking "Hmmm, what would appeal to the average woman's vanity?" I guess I just inherently don't trust anything that's fundamental purpose is profit!

And now for your reading pleasure, check out this asshole's opinion (scroll down, it's the second article).

And the Washington Post writes,

"It's nice to be presented with a female physique that is a little more
accessible. And it is good to see the beauty fantasy broadened to include
attributes such as strength and endurance. But no one wants to feel as though
they've stumbled into the ladies' locker room or caught their neighbors in their
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