celebrating all body shapes as they are!
14th-Nov-2005 08:34 pm-------- [fragile__beauty]
unless i've been totally out of it...

the site has been re-done!?

it looks fantastic, bel!
25th-Sep-2005 10:04 am-------- [fragile__beauty, photos]

i havent posted pictures of myself since i joined, so i figured i would now!


3 body shots & 1 sorta nwsCollapse )


This will be long... I'm bored..

Let's take on the Plus SizeĀ Catalogs first.... RAWR!Collapse )

My boyfriend loves my curvesCollapse )

pictureeeCollapse )

thank for your time. and if you actually read all that crap i do believe i love you!

23rd-Jul-2005 03:21 pm - be gentle... i'm new [fragile__beauty, photos, stories]

Hello! I'm Valerie, I live in New York City, going into my Junior year of HS, 15 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, and a size 18. Now the mere fact that I live in NYC should make me be hating myself to death for wearing an 18. But I've realized... it's not so bad...

cut to story time!Collapse )

Love you all for your courage to love yourselves...

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