celebrating all body shapes as they are!
6th-Nov-2005 06:28 pm - Body stuff (Rant) [faetal, rants, stories]
I'm not sure that this needs to be behind a cut, but I will put it behind there, because my stuff is sometimes non positive.
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I got bored and took a bunch of pictures of me in a white feathery bra. heh
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1st-Aug-2005 10:57 am - Totally work safe [faetal, photos]
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29th-Jun-2005 10:19 am-------- [faetal, photos]
here's a good curvy picture from my ... *more* curvy times.

I post headshots of myself in my journal, but rarely rarely body shots ever.
I couldnt decide on a picture that shows my face, but a million can be found on my website http://www.enviee.com

Its nice to be around such nice supportive curvygirls!
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