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15th-Jul-2005 11:36 pm-------- [bountyhunter, discussion]
he is not a tame lion
Does anyone here get that thing where you start eating something really unhealthy but you justify it by going, "Oh, well this is milk chocolate. Milk has calcium, which is good for my bones. And calories are energy! Yummm"

My Mom does it all the time, and I've started doing it too. I think it's really funny, especially if you're eating something like a creme filled crepe with strawberry sauce. "Hmm, creme has milk. Calcium! The crepe is a carb, which is energy. And the strawberry sauce is fruit! This is really healthy!"

I'm sure someone out there understands this way of thinking. :P
he is not a tame lion
I just wanted to comment on something interesting I saw the other day at the mall. I was shopping with my Mom, and we went into Macy's and Parisian, respectively. We passed by the plus size section and I was interested to notice that the plus sizes section was called, in Macy's, "Women's Shop" and in Parisian, "Parisian Woman."

I want to know what you all, being ostensibly very fair and understanding people to different body types, think of this name.

I, personally, was mildly offended. This is by no means an offense meant to anyone wearing a plus size, please don't take it that way. But it just seemed to me that the implication was that anyone who wasn't a plus size was somehow less of a woman. I can understand that there is a need to make sure women feel comfortable with themselves, especially if they are not boy-shaped or very thin, as the trends go nowadays. But still, it seems to alienate other women as 'not women.'

I might be overreacting, but I just can't help but feel all this political correctness and pandering to make people feel okay about themselves. What we need is to find the confidence to love ourselves, BY ourselves - not some corporation making us feel good to make an extra buck.

Let's just call a spade a spade. Plus size section, short women's section, tall women's section, etc etc.

And I could start about this vanity sizing trend, but I'll leave it at that.

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he is not a tame lion
Hey all!

My name's Maria-Elisa, and I'm 17 - on the cusp of 18 though (October 13). I'm enjoying my last summer before I head off to Rice University in Houston this August, and I'm really looking forward to it. :D
Just joined this community, more for a bit of self-help than anything else. I'm sure some of you know where I'm coming from, on the one hand appreciating my body but on the other wishing at times that it were a little more... well, svelte.

I'm not suffering from an eating disorder, but I do find myself, on occassion, obsessing seriously about my weight and what I eat. Summer is one of those times in particular. Now, obsessing really isn't that bad a thing - all girls do it - but it upsets me very much when I start cruising LJ, reading the pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia communities and seriously considering some of their 'home grown' remedies to get of excess weight.

I want very much to be 100% comfortable with my body and proud of what I've got, even if it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. So that's why I came here - hoping some of your positive body image'll rub off on me. Like a lot of you, though, I have to admit that my boyfriend has really helped me a lot in feeling good about myself. So much. Wow. :)

I don't have ready camera access at the moment, so I can't provide more pictures emphasizing whatever 'curviness' I (hope I) may have. :S
Later on I'll look into it if I can. But my boobs are small from any angle, so don't look for much there. :|

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Well, that's me. Happy to be here! :)
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