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3rd-Nov-2005 09:54 am - Galaxy dresses! [backdrifter_, clothes, curvy news]
It's official. The media is now promoting curves.
All thanks to a new trend started by a designer who's come up with the Galaxy dress. It's got a big waistband to accentuate curves and it's great to see so many stars in magazines now wearing them! It's been seen on the likes of Penelope Cruz, Rachel Weisz and Susannah (from What Not To Wear - you'll probably know it if you're British.)

And for once, the trendsetting Victoria Beckham and her frail frame looked dreadful wearing one.
It's down to the fact it accentuates your god-given curves and gives a much more womanly look.

It's brilliant to see magazines now praising stars for putting on weight to become more curvy, and putting down fad diets as they are bad for the health.

The hour-glass figure is back in fashion, and it's about time!

[edit: taken out size reference]

I'm new here - was recommended to join by belenen.
I've just been diagnosed as having bulimia by my doctor. Anyone else here got it with any advice of how to try to get better? I've found myself slightly addicted to the buzz of doing it, and I think that's where the problem lies. And I don't even seem to have lost any weight by doing it, so I find myself leaning towards starving myself too, and living off things like vegetables instead of getting proper nutrients, and I'm starting to get signs of malnutrition like downy hair on my back/arms etc and know it's all very self destructive and would honestly like help, but I work full-time so can't see a therapist.

Anyone have any new kinda ideas of how I can learn to cope better with how I look?

Thanks for listening. :)
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