celebrating all body shapes as they are!
curvygirl -- me (organic)
recently someone mentioned that most of the curvy icons I've made have been all one color. That totally sparked my creativity, so I made 250+ new curvygirl icons. They range widely in skintone and ethnicity; yay for beauty in variety! I'll be posting them gradually, starting with Angellika:

3 . 12 . 17 . 30

( 30 Angellika icons! a few possibly NWS for lingerie and implied nudity )

also please please please tell me by number which ones you take, if any!
curvygirl -- me (cynosure)
hello curvygirls! I don't have any very recent booty shots of my own, so for now I'm going to post some back-view shots of some of my favorite curvy models! Prepare yourselves to be stunned!

12 photos! should be worksafe, bare backs but nothing scandalous showingCollapse )

Despite the fact that I have over 1,300 images of curvy models, only eleven of those models actually had booty shots! Very strange, in my opinion, but maybe I overlooked some... I'll scour my files again. ;-) Somebody needs to tell these girls to turn around! Curvy heinies are fabulous!
These past few days I have been feeling really down. Under a cut because it may be triggering to members recovering from an edCollapse )

So I thought I'd make a big picture post to cheer myself (and anybody else) up. These pictures have been hanging around on my computer from various sources so I thought i'd share. curves aheadCollapse )
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