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celebrating all body shapes as they are!
2nd-Mar-2007 04:23 pm - Curvy Statuette! [roina_arwen]
Anne Boleyn - Smile
This is the wonderfully uber-curvy Dreamer of Malta statuette, which I thought ya'll would approve of. I love the description that accompanies it as well!

I was watching the movie "Scoop" with Scarlett Johansson and realized, much to my delight, that this girl actually has a curvy belly!!! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! the movie was otherwise silly, but I really enjoyed watching this normal healthy girl wear non-binding clothes and be (mostly) unashamed of her curves (though she did suck in in the bathing suit scene, sigh).

I admit, I'd read some quotes where she claimed to have a healthy figure and I rolled my eyes because the photos included with the interview were edited to hide the very curves she was claiming to be proud of. But that's out of her control of course, and I can't blame her if her words don't match the final effect of her photos. At least on screen you can see her as she is! I took some screenshots (and then had to include some premiere photos!):

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

larger images here, all worksafe!Collapse )
curvygirl -- art (Lempicka luscious)
'tribute to art'
copy a favorite painting/photo with your pose.
(feel free to do multiple painting-photo matches!)

Please include an image of the inspiring painting along with your imitation of the pose in it.

need some inspiration on a painting to choose? Here are some awesome ones: Anders Zorn, Luis Ricardo Falero, Guillaume Seignac, Tamara De Lempicka, Gustave Courbet, Delphin Enjolras, Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, William Bouguereau, William Etty. (Those are my personal favorites). If you have any suggestions for other artists, please leave a comment to help someone else!

DON'T FORGET TO TAG your theme entries with 'tribute to art'!!!!!
18th-Dec-2006 12:35 pm - celtic woman [celtic woman]
a bit ago sabr posted about Celtic Woman, a musical group, and I was inspired to go hunting for photos. So here are a ton!

work safe but large photosCollapse )
13th-Dec-2006 05:20 pm - Hi ...
Well just in case anyone wondered ... I am a member of this community. After few months at dA=deviantArt.com I ran into some of the works that belenen did there... just like as if you are walking inside the "virtual" street corner Art gallery exhibition.
Well long story short, she invited me to this community ... and to tell you the truth, it is like sitting around a big dinner table with everyone and lots of conversation flows back and forth in the room.
Please let me say this quickly! I am not here to pick up some 1 or make rash comments since I am sure there are a gazillion people to do that on this crazy highway we call the internet.
I have a simple motto:"don't inconvenience people the same way you don't want them to inconvenience you"
That said, I am an amateur photographer just like most of you... after taking many pics of the furnitures/cars/outdoors/indoors/family etc ... I sometimes turn the camera on myself and friends.
Well I will contribute from time to time depending on the themes
I love to travel so every chance I get - I am on the airplane... my passport itches to be stamped on by a foreign visa lol

My MOVIE poster. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

8th-Dec-2006 08:02 am - interests lists!!!
be rockingly awesome and add curvygirls or curvylution to your interests list! (or be even cooler and add both!) XD
recently someone mentioned that most of the curvy icons I've made have been all one color. That totally sparked my creativity, so I made 250+ new curvygirl icons. They range widely in skintone and ethnicity; yay for beauty in variety! I'll be posting them gradually, starting with Angellika:

3 . 12 . 17 . 30

( 30 Angellika icons! a few possibly NWS for lingerie and implied nudity )

also please please please tell me by number which ones you take, if any!
'Friending Month'
introduce (or re-introduce!) yourself!

Here are the suggested questions, feel free to add more or use less... since this is the theme, for THIS MONTH ONLY you don't have to lj-cut intros.



DON'T FORGET TO TAG your theme entries with 'friending month'!!!!!
26th-Nov-2006 05:08 pm - Being me [meganlynnangela]
Sometimes I don't love being me. negativity!Collapse )

But there are things that I love about being me. I have very curvy, sexy legs, I have a tapered waist and long arms, I have pretty hair and pretty eyes, and dense bones (no osteoporosis!), my belly pooches in the most beautiful shape and I am physically strong and resillient. I bet I will live a very long life.

offtopic: talk of inner beautyCollapse )

I wrote this in my personal journal today, about the importance of being YOU, and it touched a couple people, so I thought it was important to share with you all. It's long and anecdote-heavy, so beware.
offtopic: you are beautiful in so many ways that you are unaware of.Collapse )
hello curvygirls! I don't have any very recent booty shots of my own, so for now I'm going to post some back-view shots of some of my favorite curvy models! Prepare yourselves to be stunned!

12 photos! should be worksafe, bare backs but nothing scandalous showingCollapse )

Despite the fact that I have over 1,300 images of curvy models, only eleven of those models actually had booty shots! Very strange, in my opinion, but maybe I overlooked some... I'll scour my files again. ;-) Somebody needs to tell these girls to turn around! Curvy heinies are fabulous!
19th-Sep-2006 11:24 am - Dance to celebrate!
Hello all! (Mods, I'm going to change the tone of this post to make it on topic instead of posting it as off-topic; after all, what's more on-topic in this community than the celebration of curves?)

Have you ever danced? I mean, really danced so that you had fun and didn't care about performing? I can't help but think of dancing as an expression of curvy-positiveness, and body-positiveness! It's movement to celebrate the housing our souls live in.

I'm not what most people would consider a good dancer. Have you ever watched Seinfeld? Ok have you ever seen the one where Elaine dances? I'm maybe a little better than that, hee hee, to the outside eye. But I just love moving along to the music, even if I don't have the best sense of rhythm. I do what my body wants to do, purely for the sake of moving it! I mean, ladies, what's the sense in having these amazing bodies if we don't use them?

So dance! Dance if it's in your room, by yourself, but express yourself, it's so freeing! I polka danced the other night even though I didn't know how, and it was sooooo fun! If you don't dance...find a way to use your body in your own way...celebrate curvy love!
just to let you all know, BMI is COMPLETE CRAP. It is utterly useless an an indicator of health -- it was intended to be used for statistical analysis, never for estimating health.

several articles among MANY:

"The standard measure of obesity known as body mass index, or BMI, is badly flawed and a more accurate gauge should be developed, according to doctors in the United States.

...patients with a low BMI had a higher risk of death from heart disease than those with normal BMI. At the same time overweight patients had better survival rates and fewer heart problems than those with a normal BMI." -- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14396741/wid/11915773?GT1=8404 & http://www.getfit.com.au/blog/2006/08/time_to_toss_the_body_mass_ind.html

even though this technically breaks a rule, I think in this context it shows how useless weight is as a measurement of health. more articles and links -- warning, CONTAINS WEIGHT NUMBERSCollapse )

and on the concept that more weight = less health:

"Dr Rick Kausman, Australian Medical Association spokesman, believes in looking beyond body size — instead focusing on fitness as a measure of true health. 'We’ve been brainwashed to believe that healthy weight is a size 8 . . . We’re clearly not all meant to have a BMI of 22, or be a size eight or 10,' he says. 'Human beings are meant to come in all shapes and sizes. We have to allow our weight to be the healthiest it can be to us, not to anyone else.'" -- http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/10/05/1065292465637.html

"Paul Campos, law professor at the University of Colorado and author of The Obesity Myth, agrees. 'What a healthy weight is for you as an individual has little or nothing to do with what a healthy weight is for anybody else,' he explains. 'Within a very broad range, a healthy weight is the weight that a particular individual maintains while living a healthy life.'" -- http://www.forbes.com/2005/04/06/cx_lrlh_0406fitfat.html

"'I don't believe height and weight is a good indication of health,' said Joanne Ikeda, co-director of the Center for Weight and Health at the University of California at Berkeley. 'If a fat person or obese person has normal blood pressure, if their total cholesterol and glucose levels are normal and they are healthy, there is no reason they should necessarily have to lose weight.'" -- http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A13355-2004Nov25.html
1st-Sep-2006 01:29 am - Curvygirls IS actual Therapy
I was just watching a TV show about women who really struggle with having small breasts. One woman barely left her house, wouldn't go shopping and wouldn't take her little girls swimming becuase she felt so bad about her body because of her small breasts.

Anyway she went to NY (from the Uk) to undertake something called "PhotoTherapy", and what do ya know? It's basically what we lovely ladies on curvygirls do! The therapist takes gorgeous pics of the women, in a very loving and warm enviroment encouraging them to expose whatever it is that makes them feel bad. Then the person sees the photos and as the therapists described it: First you just see the things you don't like but the more you look the more the beauty of the photos over takes that and you start to see yourself as a whole person (paraphrased).

The therapist had amazing results and the woman's life really was changed from the PhotoTherapy. And as I watched it I realised that this is the EXACT therapy we all get on this group, and we don't ahve to go to NY to get it and IT's FREE! 

We can all take this pics ourselves (even more powerful than having a photographer becuase we have to overcome the urge to hide everything) and then post them here and look at them  and look at them till we realise we are all amazingly beautiful women inside and out.

I just wanted to show that this is a really powerful tool so much so that some people charge for it!

BTw do you think curvygirls has become too much a part of my life when my boyfriend asks me every time i see him "So how are things going on curvygirls?" heeheee
6th-Aug-2006 10:28 pm - Interesting... [meganlynnangela]
Catholic viking
So this summer, while I am mostly away from friends and the like, I decided it was a prime time to spend some time on me. I normally try not to do that too much because I become very self involved and self centered and selfish. But since I'm not around too many other people, and I needed some personal development and growth anyway this has been a prime time to work on it.

I decided to start thinking of myself as attractive, and describing myself as "cute." Warning: if you try this, it all snowballs really quickly. Once I gave myself permission to do that, I started believing in myself and stopped second-guessing myself. "Well, I *think* I counted this right" turned into "Well, I counted it this way, let's negotiate if your records say differently". There's a balance between passive and aggressive, it's called assertive, and that's what I have been striving for, and it's what I think I'm accomplishing. I've always thought I was a strong, stable person, and now instead of letting a certain few friends tell me otherwise, I can politely disagree. I mean, I know me better than any other human does, so why should their opinions of me trump mine? Not to say that with my nearest and dearest, I shouldn't listen to what they say because sometimes they can see things I don't. I may not be perfect, but that doesn't mean I don't have good qualities. Have you ever heard someone be upfront and honest about what they are good at? Isn't it refreshing? And doesn't it just get annoying to hear someone constantly disparage him/herself? I want to be that uplifting person, that person who feels free to say "Hey, I'm a good listener." or "Hey, I can talk to him, I have a gift for dealing with angry people."

It's not stuck-up people, it's honest. If we can be honest about our shortcomings, we can also be honest about what we shine at. There is nothing wrong with that or stuck up about it.

My message is just this: Be you. Embrace you. Don't hold back. DO IT!
24th-Jul-2006 04:05 am - other community recommendations!
eat_4_happiness -- about healing your relationship with food -- it's a brand new comm, run by one of our members. They don't focus on shape or size, just on dealing with food issues and hopefully learning to love food and not make an enemy of it. Seems promising!

latifahfans -- a new comm celebrating the beauty and strength of Queen Latifah! I've always been so uplifted by her. ♥ I hope that comm takes off.

womenofthemoon -- a beautiful, inspiring ED-recovery community created by our very own brightlotusmoon and co-modded by refined_mirages. Lifted from the userinfo: "This is a community geared toward helping women recover from eating disorders as well as body insecurities of any kind. Specifically, it is a community that focuses on the natural, spiritual side of healing the body, soul and mind. It is about reclaiming yourself as a woman who deserves everything you think you don't. It is about touching the goddess in you." I'm going to add this as a sister community in the userinfo, since they are also very body-positive, but have a broader, more discussion-oriented approach. Brava! (((Note: they allow numbers and any kind of ED-discussion, so if you are at a point where you are easily triggered you may want to wait.)))
A week or so ago, some negative reactions against curvygirls (in another community) came to the attention of the curvygirls moderators. We are not going to link to the negativity as it is not worth our notice and in addition it is anti-curves and therefore against the community rules to link to.

But I just wanted to say this to you all:

A few nasty ignorant comments can't destroy what we have created. Curvygirls is such a loving community, it really feels like a sisterhood. One of the things that shows off the amazingness of the community is its variation in body types, weight and age. We have very slim curvy girls to voluptuous goddess shaped ones. We have members in their early teens and members in their middle-age. A community that attracts such a wide variety of people must be one that appeals to something very innate and central to all of us and I think that that thing is the need to find and be found beautiful, to love both ourselves and others. And because it takes more strength and wisdom to create and love than to hate and destroy, by its very nature as a body-positive community, curvygirls draws in intelligent, strong, brave women (and men!) who all contribute to the atmosphere of positivity and inspire each other.

We have put in a lot of work into supporting each other, challenging our own fears and maintaining the positive ethos of curvygirls so it would make sense that this mockery would hurt us so much, because it is our home, our family and our efforts that are being attacked.

But nothing can take any of that away from us. The effort and strength that drew us to curvygirls still exists. I think all of us here know in our hearts that the rationality behind curvygirls is correct. Looking through the last page of posts always overwhelms me with excitment because I see in one place so many women who are aware, whether they are a size 4, 14 or 24 that they are so much more than just their size. I've changed so much since I joined curvygirls and the way I see the world makes so much more sense to me. I cannot relate to being caught up in the 'old world' of unrealistic demands and harsh punishments for those who could not meet them. I see beauty everywhere and though I still struggle, my life is not completely overrun with thoughts of self-hate and calories. Anyone who attempts to undermine curvygirls evidently understands nothing of the ethos and purpose of the community. Curvygirls has nothing to do with 'settling' with our supposedly unhealthy bodies, it is about changing our mindset to a healthy one and accepting that the right body for us is the body we have when we eat and exercise healthily and about having a space to celebrate that body in a world that seems to want us to take up less and less space every day. To me, the message of our community is so clear and pure that the only reason I can think of that someone would miss it or not understand it is that they themselves are too insecure to truly take it in.

The mockery is upsetting because it comes from the outside but thinking about it, are they any more rationally worded than our own fears and insecurities? At our worst, have we not attacked ourselves with similar words? As someone recovered from an ed, I have battled with a negative inner voice mocking me for believing I was beautiful. And yet, I am still a member of curvygirls because I recognise that that voice is irrational and one lead by fear alone and the fact that this time such mockeries come from an outside person and in image form changes nothing, they are still just as irratonal and cowardly.

We are at the forefront of a curvy revolution or as a someone who posted recently said, a curvylution! and we are obviously going to encounter pressure from the outside. I knew the moment would come because as the community grew it was inevitably going to reach people that weren't ready for our message. I didn't feel ready for it yet, I wanted to feel safe and untouchable a little longer but I am ready to fight even more than ever now and I am also happy because now that our community is getting bigger, it is reaching and influencing more people as well as upsetting more people.

So, I know I'm not teling you anything new because you all love curvygirls as much as me and would all fight for it but I just wanted to let you all know that you are not alone in being furious about this and that though I am angered and wounded that such ignorance exists: I feel as fierce and determined to love my curves and your curves as ever.
8th-Jul-2006 11:41 pm - Curious...
Daisy girl 1
I have been thinking a great deal about what "the world" seems to think is beautiful, and the more I think about it the more convinced I am that we should not be paying the least bit of attention to what "they" think is beautiful (or supposedly not) about us - we need to see our beauty for ourselves and let that be more than enough! Every woman has something about them that is beautiful(actually, many things!) Now of course that is often a physical attribute (butt, hips, breasts, eyes) but also it can be other things, like empathy or awesome writing skills or creativity or accomplishment...something that makes us FEEL beautiful, inside and out, every time. And I think we need to see and recognize those things (as well as our awesome curvy butts, hips, breasts, and eyes!) and embrace them, and return to them whenever "the world" starts to make us feel less than our awesome curvy splendid selves. I am curious as to what that "thing" might be for all of you? Anyone willing to share? I would love to hear... I will even go first. For me it is singing. When I sing I feel sexy, beautiful,radiant, transcendent - I used to doubt my voice the way I used to doubt my self, but I am no longer allowing myself to sell us (my voice and I!) short that way. My voice is like me; voluptous, powerful, soaring, and when I sing I feel ... well... bodacious! What makes you fabulous girls feel fabulous? Anyone care to share?
8th-Jul-2006 01:18 pm--------
Daisy girl 1
As I just related to pinkcheeze in response to her response to my post (huh?) the other day I came across an old scale and against my better judgement, I got on it. According to the (apparently broken!) scale I weigh fourteen pounds. Which reminded me how silly I was to care what a scale said in the first place! I must agree with pinkcheeze and ronin_lethe in this - a liberating lack of scales is the only way to go! (In fact in daring defiance of the "smaller is better" pressure brought about by our society, I am currently engaged in the pursuit of a higher education, which I hope will make my brain BIGGER! So there. LOL! That'll be me, the one with the voluptous synapses!) It is an incredible thing, how quickly this community has helped me to feel so much better about "Me", so thank you, Ladies! You are all amazing!
8th-Jul-2006 09:32 am - thank you (a very good day)
yesterday, i did something i never thought i would or could do.
read more, mention of weight stuff, maybe triggering?Collapse )

I'm Beca, by the way. pictures will be posted as soon as I get some.
6th-Jul-2006 06:03 pm - Curvy Positive Reading List?
Will sleepy
Can anyone reccomend any curvy positive books?
Fiction, non-fiction, written for kids, written for adults, anything goes. I just want some positivity :-D
55. William Etty . 56. William Etty . 182. William Etty

183. William Etty . 184. William Etty . 185.

( 17 William Etty icons and one body-love icon! )

also please please please tell me by number which ones you take, if any!
17th-Jun-2006 08:48 am - torrid sale!!! [belenen, curvy products, torrid]
curvygirl -- model (Mia Tyler torso)
Hey girls! Torrid is having a HUGE sale!!!!! more than 50% off on a lot of stuff! I love their clothes but usually can't afford them -- but OMG these prices are amazing, definitely check them out! Especially for this top:


I think we should reward these prices by BUYING so that they'll take the hint and lower their prices. ;-)
12th-Jun-2006 01:58 pm - Loving yourself [discussion, meganlynnangela]
Warning: this post uses the word self-centered, but it doesn't use it to the exclusion of caring about other peoples' lives. In my opinion one can be self-centered and overly self-giving at the same time.

offtopic: a big step on the way to loving your body.Collapse )
curvygirl -- model (Crystal Renn legs)
Plus-size models are my celebrities. ;-) I was underwear shopping with a friend yesterday and I made her giggle by recognizing Valerie Lefkowitz and Barbara Brickner posing on some of the packaging!

and NOW I give you pretty shiny things that I posted in my sparklingnew icon journal, violetglow:

12. Crystal Renn . 24. Crystal Renn . 47. Crystal Renn . 74. Crystal Renn

( 76 Crystal Renn icons! a few possibly NWS )

if you want me to post any originals, just ask!
7th-Jun-2006 04:24 pm-------- [curvy art]
Well guys, I got inspired to do a self portriat this morning and this is what came out. It's obviously abstract and emphasized, but that's my style...so enjoy the curvy love and please no stealing :)

non-work safe art behind cut! enjoy!Collapse )

Okay girls! Our anniversary as a community is in ONE WEEK (june 11th babeh!!!!!!!), and I think we should have a week-long theme about the way this community has changed our lives. I know it's not the thing to do this without polling, but it is just a week, and I think a lot of you will enjoy it. ;-)

Your entry can be one sentence or a long essay (you can include photos, but they aren't necessary), and you must
---make a post of your own and
---tag the entry "curvygirl revolutions"

otherwise your entry will not count as themed, and won't be included in the collection because it's just too hard to find. I am going to collect all the entries and save them, and link to the mega-post(s?) in the userinfo. If you'd rather your entry stay private and not be part of the collection, just make a note of that in your post. Also, unless you include photos, please go back and make all of these theme entries public!

From zero members to nearly 700 and growing daily... 1,305 entries; 17,385 comments!!! We are so active and supportive of each other, oh I love it, you all inspire me and prove to me again and again that life is beautiful. ♥
30th-May-2006 10:59 pm - Definition of curvy [discussion, meganlynnangela]
Hello ladies,

I've been pondering this for a long time, but what is YOUR definition of curvy, because I'm sure we are all going to define it differently. I'm still shaping my opinion.

Can a woman be an athlete, very lean, very muscular, and be curvy? Can a very naturally lean girl with a straight-up-and-down build be curvy in some form? How about a larger girl with a straight-up-and-down build? Is curvy a physical thing?

In the sense of this community, is curvy also a mindset of body appreciation at every stage of life? I mean, obviously it's not a line drawn in the sand. But what, if it exists, is a not-curvy girl (or person)?

Hey! What about mad cow disease? It was here for awhile, and now it's gone again. Your thoughts?

Ok just kidding about the mad cow disease part...but seriously...what are your thoughts?

[mods: I am more than willing to edit this if you think it's off topic...I hope it's appropriate subject matter!]
24th-May-2006 04:47 pm - Stop Walking Fat

Today I made a realization - I have an incorrect perception of myself. I didn't realize it was quite so incorrect until I looked into the mirror. 

"Wow!" I thought. "I look really beautiful and sexy today!"

I smiled to myself, and then I walked past the mirror. Almost instantly, my shoulders slumped, my belly fluffed itself out a little more, I felt as though I were waddling. 

"I am so gross," I thought to myself. 


"Wait a minute!" I ran back to the mirror and faced myself. "I... I look beautiful."

'Cause, you know, I did. 

All this to say, in a not particularly eloquent way this afternoon, that what you feel is not always the reality. My personal take on this is because there is some serious emotional tension going on right now for me I am turning it inwards and taking it out on my poor long suffering body.. I'm sexah, I'm gorgeous, and it's time I stopped walking fat.

.144 Tamara de Lempicka . . .161 Tamara de Lempicka . . .170 Tamara de Lempicka . . .180 Tamara de Lempicka

"I live life in the margins of society, and the rules of normal society don't apply to those who live on the fringe."
-- Tamara de Lempicka (1898- 1980)

39 Tamara De Lempicka icons, nudity includedCollapse )

also please please please tell me by number which ones you take, if any!
16th-May-2006 11:31 pm - funny realization... [meganlynnangela]
So my grandpa just died, and that's hard, but there's also so much joy associated with the end to his suffering, etc.

So the other day the whole family is sifting through some old pictures, searching for good ones to use on a posterboard. And I have this aunt, who is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, if she were famous she'd be battling Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and Angelina Jolie for the most beautiful woman alive.

So she's like 35 but in these pictures she's my age, and there's one of her at a family outing to the lake and she's in a swimsuit, and I realized...

...she's kinda the same build as me. And by kinda, I mean exactly.

So um...that made me happy. And it made me realize that sometimes we can't see ourselves like we should. My Aunt Karen isn't stick thin, not at all, but she is still very, very beautiful. Nor am I stick thin; that has nothing to do with my beauty.

14th-May-2006 11:08 pm-------- [jumpinglegacy, photos]
Body (Proud to be curvy)
I did a photoshoot this afternoon for a livejournal next top model competition (I'm the only girl entered that's bigger than a size 5), and posted these on my journal earlier today. shioneh loved them and told me that I MUST share them with all y'all, so here they are :) Enjoy!

Worksafe photoshoot.Collapse )

9 icons from 9 different artists, nudity includedCollapse )

P.S. tons more to come, I just finished creating and uploading nearly 150 new icons! These are just the singles; most of the artists had more than one image that I wanted to iconify. Also, if you want to see any of the originals, just let me know and I will post them.

also please please please tell me which ones you take, if any!
curvygirls are anti-diet. We believe in eating healthily and naturally (never considering calories), with occasional rich foods -- fat/sugar is not bad for you if eaten in moderation. Diets, on the other hand, are useless and counter-productive, since they mess up your metabolism.

International No Diet Day is this Saturday!
Off topic: facts about the history of International No Diet Day, the uselessness of dieting; includes mention of EDs, statistics about little girls dietingCollapse )
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! This is one occasion when I WILL go out and buy a copy of a fashion magazine, despite my hatred for all the lies they espouse. When I do get it I will try to scan or at least photograph the pages so that I can share them here.

The May 2006 issue of Glamour has a four-page photo shoot of Crystal Renn, photographed in black-and-white. The headline for the piece refers to Crystal as "the breathtakingly body-confident toast of the style world. Meet the woman who defines what's sexy now."

possibly not work safe, though not nudeCollapse )

And I am proud of Glamour for not airbrushing out the curves of her womanly belly. ♥
A few weeks ago when I made the curvygirl slideshow, I promised to post a bunch of photos of Ivory May, so here she is!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Ivory May photos: not dial-up-safe and possibly not work safe, but no nudityCollapse )

Most of these images were taken (and reuploaded because I am no bandwidth thief!) from http://www.monifc.com/ -- a very expensive but fabulous clothier. The last four are from http://www.hipsandcurves.com -- much more reasonably priced, but not as stunning, and more for the bedroom than the ballroom. ;-)
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