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celebrating all body shapes as they are!
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22nd-May-2008 06:50 pm-------- [jumpinglegacy]
Body (You are Beautiful)
Today someone on my f-list posted about how she wants to lose her love handles so that she'll look good for the beach season. I responded with the following, and I wanted to share this with you gals as well:

"I hope you learn to love your body unconditionally so that no matter what your body looks like, when summer approaches, you'll love being in bathing suit (or birthday suit depending on your beach)! I'm convinced that the best way to feel good at the beach is working on the emotional "feel good" part, not the dieting/exercising/body modification that people think will make them feel good. If you have 'love handles', it's probably because that's the way your body is meant to be, in all it's feminine glory. Love handles contain the word 'love' for a reason."

So ladies, love your body no matter what :) After all, you only get one!
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