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IMPORTANT: rule reminder!

I know this is a difficult theme for a lot of us, but please keep in mind that the rules stay the same for the theme. The goal of this theme is to post your body parts without criticizing them -- instead (NOT in addition) saying something positive. Please re-read this rule and comment if you need further explanation. (comments are screened for that purpose)

rule # 3: No negative body talk -- you must not describe your form (or anyone else's) in a negative way. It's okay for you to say 'I'm having trouble loving (body part),' but not to say, 'my (body part) is disgusting/gross/etc' or 'I hate this specific curve' or 'my (body part) is too ____' or 'I wish my (body part) looked more _____.' It is detrimental to your own body love and the body love of anyone who reads it for you to disparage yourself. This includes comments -- do not say 'I wish I had your (body part).' And of COURSE, never say anything even slightly negative about another woman's body, or about any body type.

this means, if you have trouble with your elbows because you think they are too purple, DO NOT SAY THAT. Say "I have trouble loving my elbows," not "my elbows are like grapes, gross!" Because if someone else has purple elbows, and they read that, they are going to feel like other people think their elbows are gross. If you don't say anything negative, then that person who shares a similar feature can be excited to have similar elbows.

This is not directed at anyone in particular: just a trend I've noticed in this theme especially. Remember, we're here to celebrate, not commiserate!
Tags: important, learning to love, rules
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