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celebrating all body shapes as they are!
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we have a new sister community: curvygirls2 (general discussion). This community is a place to come and share any life experiences as a curvy girl, not just positive ones. Share anything about you, your body or anything related to you or your body. This community is a place to vent, to listen, to share experiences, and to make friends. (created by amyloo212)

and as always, our sister community womenofthemoon (support for body insecurities and EDs). This is a community geared toward helping women recover from body insecurities of any kind, including eating disorders. Specifically, it is a community that focuses on the natural, spiritual side of healing the body, soul and mind. It is about reclaiming yourself as a woman who deserves everything you think you don't. It is about touching the goddess in you. (created by brightlotusmoon)


and a refresher as to what is on-topic here:

---photos of curvy women; yourself, a celebrity, or a friend (if you have permission from that friend).
---curvy-positive experiences -- yours or someone else's.
---artwork featuring curvy women.
---curvy-positive news stories, advertisements, etc.
---curvy-positive literature (with credit to the author).

off-topic but allowed under a cut:
---intro posts with the survey in the userinfo
---self-love stuff that doesn't have to do with curviness (women-positive or accepting yourself)
---curvy stuff that doesn't have to do with self-love (clothing questions, request for support (without self-hating language))
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