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celebrating all body shapes as they are!
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http://www.bigmoves.org is an organization dedicated to opening up the world of dance to women of all sizes, "Because every body can dance." They have troupes that tour! I'm so inspired by this gorgeous photo:

You can order it as a poster, too! http://www.bigmoves.org/merchandise.html
and their red bikinis are custom made by http://www.loveyourpeaches.com

and Happy 2-Year Anniversary, curvygirls!!!

We've come from 0 to 1244 members (900 watchers!), 3,087 entries, and 42,597 comments! I'd like to offer a huuuuuuuuge thank you to _paroxysm_, jumpinglegacy, and shioneh, for putting in countless hours of work over almost a year and a half of co-modding! It's been a long time and they're still going strong. ;-) I've sent them gift certificates as a small token of my gratitude -- puny in comparison to what they have given, but heartfelt just the same! And I would love it if members would comment to this post (or to their journals) with any thank-yous you might wish to give them. ;-)

Also, thank you kashlamar, sidheblessed, thiswaste, and ikkleosu for your 7 months so far! You've been such an incredible help ♥ And the retired mods, dreaded_bliss, aredlife, and meganlynnangela, thank you also!
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