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celebrating all body shapes as they are!
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8th-Apr-2007 06:38 pm - Intro post
[ Name ] Cat
[ Age ] 23
[ Location (be as vague as you want) ] Sydney, Australia
[ Your favorite body part(s) ] My eyes and my lips. sometimes my boobies (when they're having a "good" day)
[ The body part(s) you're still learning to love ] The rest of me. lol. It's a work in progress :)
[ Your interests and whatever else you'd like to tell about yourself ] I'm an erotic/portrait photographer for alternative lifestyles. I love burlesque and bellydance, and one day i would like to be a curvy alternative pin up model. But realistically, my dream is to become a vet nurse and Bengal breeder :)
[ Favorite body-love inspiration (person, activity) ] I love showers and baths - they always make me feel better about myself. That and corsets. lol
[ Are you open to new lj friends? ] Sure.
[ Tell the story of your relationship with your body, and if you can, please give a brief anecdote of a time when you felt really good about your body ] I am still battling with my body image. I have always been a big girl (except for a few illnesses where i was sketetal) and I also have a nervous disorder (CSP) which I've had since I was 6. This means I have been constantly picked on due to my size and my skin problem. I want to start enjoying being in this body and accept who I am. The last time I felt that was 1.5 years ago when I travelling to Wagga (country area in NSW, Australia) during a heat wave. I got up the nerve to walk into a small country pub in a bikini with a friend of mine and no one laughed at me and I got a few compliments :) It was the first time I felt good about my body :) While I'm down to a size 10-12 now, I do miss my 16DD boobs, but we can't have everything, can we? lol

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