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celebrating all body shapes as they are!
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13th-Mar-2007 08:11 pm-------- [jumpinglegacy]
Body (Proud to be curvy)
For once, an on-topic safe for work post! That means I don't have to cut it... right?

I never thought I would actually say this and mean it, but...
I weigh more than a lot of people, and that is one fabulous thing.

My body is unique, it is interesting, it is luscious- curving and swooping this way and that, like a beautiful hilly landscape. It is soft and warm, seemingly magnetic for pets and children to cuddle against. It cushions me if I take a tumble, and makes nearly any surface comfortable to sit or lie on. It keeps me warm when I take a refreshing dip in a chilly lake. It gives me presence when I walk into a room, demanding attention. I can play dress-up whenever I want to - I can make clothes for it, buy clothes for it, decorate it any way I want. Or, I can take a snooze in the nude and enjoy the feeling of soft sheets against my skin. It is among the likes of Queen Latifah and Mo'nique, women of size and substance. I can eat a huge variety of foods with various caloric levels and not feel guilty in any way.

I am plump like a roast, and thicker than most.
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